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Announcing new distributor agreement for the italian market between BCN3D and 3DP World

BCN3D and 3DP World are pleased to announce their partnership with a Distribution Agreement. 3DP World is now entitled to distribute across the italian market the well-known BCN3D’s Sigma and Sigmax, as well as the full range of filaments, accessories and spare parts.

The global expansion momentum has also reached the italian boot, where the existing BCN3D’s presence will be strengthen by one of the most fast-growing distributor on the italian landscape of desktop 3d printers. Thanks to the new strategic partnership, italian companies and professionals will benefit from the best of BCN3D and 3DP World: cutting-edge technology and high-quality after sales service.

The new agreement will reinforce both parties, as BCN3D’s distribution network gained a reliable partner that will boost its sales and brand awareness in the italian territory, while 3DP World`s position will be consolidated as experienced distributor and additive manufacturing solution provider with a portfolio that includes brands leader in 3D printing and 3D scanning.

“We are pleased to cooperate with 3DP World, which will support us to increase the sales in a market that has high potential for the IDEX system and the distinctive duplication, mirror and multimaterial printing mode. The considerable experience in additive manufacturing combined with a top-quality technical know-how makes 3DP World the right fit to help us to grow and serve italian customers in an excellent way”, states Xavi M. Faneca, CEO of BCN3D Technologies.

Alberto Canali, CEO of 3DP World, commented: “We are very grateful to join BCN3D network! 3DP World will certainly support and promote this important reality in the Italian 3D market. With BCN3 Technologies in our portfolio, we will be able to provide new solutions to the entire Italian industry, manufacturing company 4.0, designers, professionals, universities and educational sector. Visiting the headquarters in Barcelona, we have found an incredible professionalism in all the departments of the company and a strong determination to further develop the BCN3D ecosystem. Our team will put all the efforts and determination to introduce BCN3D in the Italian market.”

The BCN3D Sigma & Sigmax R19

BCN3D and 3DP share the same vision regarding the future of 3d printing: both companies aims to revolutionise and innovate the way in which traditional manufacturing and prototyping is performed. 

Following its innovation spirit, BCN3D released the new generation of FFF 3D printers in September 2018: the Sigma R19 and the Sigmax R19. These new printers introduced the disruptive IDEX (Independent Dual Extruder) system: a new double extrusion technology that delivers high-resolution, multi-material parts simply and effectively. IDEX equips BCN3D printers with two exclusive and highly productive print modes: mirror and duplication. These modes allow to print the same model, or its symmetrical, with both toolheads simultaneously, and consequently, double the production capacity.

About BCN3D Technologies

BCN3D Technologies is one of the leading manufacturers of desktop 3D printers worldwide. Based in Barcelona, the activity of BCN3D began in 2012 as a division of the CIM-UPC center, a Technology Center of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), the leader in additive manufacturing in the South of Europe. The manufacturing company aims to change the traditional manufacturing status quo by providing reliable, versatile and productive processes.

About 3DP World

3DP World operates in the additive manufacturing market since 2014, driving the change in the way their customers design, prototype and manufacture. Customer-centricity, professionalism and reliability are essential for the 3DP`s team, which already has a long record of satisfied customers. Pre-sales consultancy, fast delivery and the top-class after sales support are the reasons why buyers choose 3DP World.

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3DP World
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