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Cleaning tips wanted!

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I’m having a hard time removing Magigoo from the build plate. Is there a way to ease out this process besides spraying water onto it?

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Me too

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The best way to remove magigoo is using water, you can directly spray it or you can use a wet paper towel to let it soak better. Be sure to remove the printing surface out of the printer, before starting the cleaning process.

Here some tips!

- To prevent rough areas, uniformly spread the adhesive material over the printing surface.

- You don't have to perfectly clean the printing surface with every printjob, just make sure there are no rough areas and re-apply adhesive on the previous print job used area.

- Just apply magigoo on the areas where you are going to build the pieces.

- Probably, the first time that you calibrated the printing surface you applied magigoo all over the entire printing surface. In time you will exactly know where you have to apply adhesive and where not.

- Gently scrub the glue residue using the abrasive side of a cleaning sponge and then remove the come off adhesive with a wet paper towel.