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Enclosure for Sigma D25

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Is there a Enclosure for Sigma D25 like for Sigmax R19?

Support BCN3D
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I'm sorry but the Sigma D25 doesn't have an enclosure like the Sigmax/Sigma. For materials that need an enclosed environment, we recommend the Epsilon W50 or Epsilon W27.

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@support-bcn3d Are there any hacks to use Sigma D25 with PET-G? I recognized that the side facing to the opened side of the printer is worse than the opposing side. Is it good to pose a barrier in front of the open side?

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I just received my D25 and plan to make a simple enclosure out of 1/2" insulation. I have used heated enclosures with PETG with good success. The sales team urged me not to heat the enclosure beyond 35-40C. With my previous printers I have heated up to 55-60C inside the enclosure without any problems to electronics or stepper motors. I use Hoffman DesignAire 400 watt 110V enclosure heaters that I mount onto a sheet of metal inside the enclosure. You can find the 400 watt as well as larger and smaller wattage heaters on ebay for $60 to $200. They have a thermostat built in.

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how is PETG printing going for you? I’ve been having mostly good results although have noticed some mixed results likely due to temperature variations.  
i would never due this because modifications to the printer could void the warranty 😑 …. But I noticed that the bed took forever to hit temperatures. It took 27min to get from 17 to 80c.  Adding a reflective insulator (like Reflectix) between the heater and the frame dropped that time down to 13min. Or at least it would have if I did that mod, but I didn’t cuz that could void a warranty…

I’m likely going to be building an enclosure or at least some baffles/removable covers with this same insulation material as it can get rather chilly in my basement  

I’d be interested in your (or anyones) successful PETG parameters if their willing to share. I run dual 0.8mm nozzles though.