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BCN3D Stratos 1.0.0
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BCN3D Stratos 1.0.0

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Hello everyone,


We have released the BCN3D Stratos 1.0.0, the new slicer optimized to work with the BCN3D printers. It has new functions and parameters, is more efficient faster and than the BCN3D Cura 3.4.3. Read more about the BCN3D Stratos. Visit our knowledge base to learn about the parameters of the BCN3D Stratos: Slicing with BCN3D Stratos.

Here are the release notes of the version:

Release notes:

  • New plugin to enable the BCN3D IDEX system with Mirror and Duplication print modes
  • New Single T1 and Single T2 print modes
  • Connect Stratos with the BCN3D Cloud and use your connected printers
  • Improved UI
  • Improved general performance since BCN3D Cura 3.4.3
  • New editable settings
  • More printing profiles