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Stratos MAC 1.4.0 - more than 1 Item on printing area and Brim/Skirt behaviour - and also Material settings

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Hi there,

Printer is Sigma, and I am printing only from the right extruder.

I wanted to print 2 times the same item in one printing session 225mm long and 29mm maximum height) and placed both on the printing area same side down to the bed and with about 10mm distance to each. Then I added a brim (same with skirt), but this was not covering both items, Brim was just covering the print to about 60-70%, so the (in my case) right item was not being framed/outlined (only one single line) as it looks for me that the Software stopped at the Brim/Skirt line, and as the printer already have had in mind the high level of the Brim/Skirt Filament does not glue to the bed as 1-2 Layers above.

Grouping ends in an error, where single items could be printed.

Another thing I found out, if you create your own Material via Custom Settings, set all the temperatures and choose this for your printhead (2 in my case)  this will not been transferred into the GCode. Only works if you choose in the Global Settings the right temperature.

Feel free to ask me for any questions you might have and if someone is out there happy if you found some other workarounds.



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