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Where are the "Post Processing Scripts" on Mac?

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Hello, all the Post Processing Scripts in Stratos 1.5 for Mac are greyed out. Could you please add them?

Support BCN3D
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Yes, I've reported it to the software team! remember that you can send us your feedback using the contact form:

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@support-bcn3d is there any update on this? Is it possible to make a profile in cura that will let us slice files to send to the printer so we can use all of the amazing features cura provides? Or is that not an option and we only can use the 4 usless scripts, and no plugins that were provided with stratos? I really wish I had done more research on the limitations of this software before purchasing this unit. I thought since it was a build of cura that it would have the awesome features cura has, or that at least I would be able to use it with Real cura, this printer has amazing potential but the software has been a real let down so far. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.