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End of filament dur...
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End of filament during printing.

Victor Dominguez Allesch
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Actually, if the printer runs out of filament during printing, you have the otion of cancel, or load a new spool and continue.

Last week, it happened to me, printing in DUPLICATION (two extruders), with a +48hs job.

With about 60% completed job, one of the extruders ran out of filament.

The easy solution? Load a new spool.

The problem? I didn't have any.

Alternatives? Wait for the new spool (about 2 or 3 days), with the printer ON, with hot extruders and bed.

What did i do? Cancel the job. 😥 


I sugest, to add an option to continue printing with the extruder that has filament. That way you lost only 50%.




Support BCN3D
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Hello Victor!

Thanks for your feedback and sorry for the inconvenience. I've shared your feedback with the software team to check it.

Exists non-official ways to avoid this problem (turning off the FRS or loading a strip of filament to keep the FRS "loaded")