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Noise Sigmax, uneven surface quality

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I find my Sigmax very noisy, especially the extruders. It is hard to describe, it is almost a grinding noise.

Is this normal? I have a cheap Anycubic printer which is virtually silent while producing better surface quality.


Could there be something wrong with my Sigmax?

I already checked and tightened all belts, firmware is 2.0.8


The outer surface is also a bit uneven, almost looks like ghosting.


I have attached a video, it is hard to hear on camera.

In real the noise is quite hard and even goes through the walls of the building.



Support BCN3D
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Thank you for reporting this issue to us, we are sorry that you are having annoying noises with the printer.

If you are referring to the clicking noise, this is caused by the Y transmission bar pulley, this issue can be fixed following this guide.

The other noise heard on the video seems to be the electrical noise from the motor going fast, sometimes the speed resonates with the carriage itself and makes a loud vibration. Does it do this noise when you move the carriage or head manually?