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Print via USB

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I recently bought a Sigma D25 and I want to know if it's possible to print via USB and how can I do it?

many thanks

Support BCN3D
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Hello Chloe,


With the Sigma D25 is not possible to print via USB, however, you can use the BCN3D Cloud or the SD card to print your STLs.


In the BCN3D Cloud you can print remotely, check the status of the printjob (temperatures, time to finish, etc) and share your printer with your teammates.

If you want to learn more about it you can check our article in the knowledge base:

We are working to add more features to the BCN3D Cloud to offer the best printing experience.


The cause to not allow USB printing is because in some cases the connection of the printer with the PC can fault and generate problems that can damage or suddenly stop the printjob. In BCN3D Stratos is not possible to continue printing via USB with Sigma (R16/R17/R19) and Sigmax (R17/R19) printers.