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(another) levelling...
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(another) levelling issue with w50

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Today I started the machine, did a bed leveling and wanted to repeat the mesh from yesterday


After levelling the machine won't go to the first mesh Point, it still stands at the homing position.

When I press next it moves to point 2, and all the other

As result, the test print in the front left corner is in 2-3mm height above the bed, the other corners are okay







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Hello Christian,


Can you check if you have the last firmware version for your printer? we checked that a previous version to the 0.17.3 is adding a big offset on the first point of the mesh mapping. You can update the firmware following this guide:

If you still have problems, please open a ticket:

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@jcalicchio our printer does this with version 0.17.3 also.  The machine misses the first point when running from the wizard.  It is frustrating.  I have been switching the machine off and going through the menu to start mesh mapping from there.  It starts at point 1 from the menu.  Can this be reproduced at BCN?

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Hi Again
Actually we have 0.17.1 on that machine
i wanted to update today but i dont know what firmware i should use
On this Page: How to update the firmware (Epsilon Series / Sigma Series) ( the changelog link leads to the changelog of version 0.16 (since months this link is not actual, this issue was also when i updated to the 17.1)

When i hover the link to "download Firmware" i get the link to Version 1.0.0 ?!?
Is this another broken link to an old version or is there a higher jump from 0.17.3 to 1.0.0 ?

Where can i find THAT changelog?

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Hello Paul and Christian,


Please update the firmware every time as you can, we constantly are developing updates, improvements, and fixes. The actual version 1.0.0 fixes the calibration issues, if you can't install the firmware, please open a support ticket at: