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Bed levelling - on Epsilon W50 - repeat the process - do not get the same result
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Hi - with the bed levelling utility, I have found the results frustrating.  I have now tested repeatability.  Go through the process and get success.  Repeat the process and it shows that adjustment is needed, even though nothing has changed.  Fix again, repeat the process and it shows that adjustment is needed.

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I have similar problems with Epsilon W50, but i think that the glass is curved, because when i calibrate bed leveling and then i flip the glass the bed leveling says that i need to rotate both screws same direction like 3 or 4 parts. I have partialy solved the problem by marking the glass in the left corner so i put it the printer always the calibrated side.

Another problem which i have is that after turning on the printer i need to wait to warm it up, because when i calibrate it when it is not temped calibration will be off, after like 10 minutes of heating the bed calibration will set to normal without moving the screws.