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Duplication Mode issues

joshua wing
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Hey all,


I have been using an epsilon w50 recently and all has been going well up until i attempted a duplication mode print. I have done a duplication print before, however this time i'm having some wired issues. It started with the print head moving really slowly like maybe 5mm a second and then when I got that issue resolved there has been a new one. Which is the right hotend starts working like normal, but the left hotend doesn't do anything, it also worth noting i have had these issues in both duplication and mirror mode.

Has anyone encountered issues like this before? If so how would i go about resolving the issue?



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Maybe you have done a z-axis calibration without adding shims. In this case the printer would add some layers to bring the z-axis to the same level. The second extruder would start when this level is reached.