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Epsilon W50 Leveling issue

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New Member Customer
Joined: 1 year ago
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What does the new version of the W50 look like, and how does it differ in leveling from the previous leveling concept? Curious if i have an old version or a new one now . . .

Active Member Customer
Joined: 9 months ago
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@pascal-treutlein Thanks for the Feedback
Yes the leveling on that machine is crap, even after the last Firmware Updates 

@elemental-garage the new beds have a squared hole in the back, the toolheads have a microswitch or piezo and calibrate with that their position in that spot

I asked IGO3d (our supplier) about that, they said  ~800 euro for that upgrade
our machine is under 1 year, and than i need to upgrade that for THAT price?

i now upgradet that machine we have with a magnetic surface and springsteel-sheets with PEI coat
No Magigoo, no chipped glass anymore

i think the support from BCN is ok, the support from IGO3D in Germany is really crap
But those machine have several software Bugs, flaws, missing things etc.
And the Hardware/Motion System and overall spec is at least not up to date

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@christian-berger I feel your pain 🤣 Where did you get that bed whit a magnetic surface.

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Joined: 9 months ago
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@mlaurin sorry for the late answer, i get no notification in this forum

we ordered that at CR3D in Germany

i dont know if he has that now in his shop or just did our parts as a special order, but he will respond if you ask him

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