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RH Hotend Shims

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I have installed an 0.8mm hotend on the RHS of an Epsilon W27. I am going through the calibration process of bed levelling, mesh mapping, z autocalibration etc and I am not given the option of installing shims anywhere, even though it is clear that the RH nozzle sits lower. Is there a way of bringing this option up?


Alternatively, I can see in the manual calibration that the offset calculated by the printer is -0.606mm for the RH hotend. The shims are 0.1mm so I assume I just need to install 6 shims to correct this problem?



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If you have a full kits from BCN3D do a axes calibration. Location=menu/utilities/calibration/axes calibration

If you change the nozzle head only, you need also do a axes calibration and be shure to change both nozzle if you want to avoid head crash or 32 SHIMS  because the height could be different! 

I talk be experience 🤣 i change only the left one the printer asking me after a calibration to add like 25 shims on the left one 🤣