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after replacing hotend nothing heats up

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    Instead of just being able to unscrew a nozzle and take care whilst hot tightening the new one I had to undo a handful of screws and get involved in playing with the wiring on my “Professional/Industrial ” grade printer, whilst replacing a costly unit I accidently must have shorted the heater cartridge wires as the whole unit buzzed and flashed its lights.

    I powered the printer off, checked to see if I was one of the lucky few who have a fuse fitted to my mainboard but to my surprise the engineers at BCN£D decided to fit an inrush sensor connected to a relay???? Even the cheapest ramps board includes a fuse!! This inrush relay system has afforded me no protection from the suspected short circuit as power cycling the unit with the aforementioned hotend unit removed brought no life to the printer except the display, lights and power fan. So I can hazard a guess this happened more than once due to upgraded board now including a simple fuse.

    So for what is usually simple operation on many cheaper printers, and indeed many real professional printers has no turned in to a costly problem, I have to replace a hotend, not just a heater, I have to replace at least the specialised hotend breakout board, possibly the proprietary cabling that leads back to the proprietary mainboard, and the only thing instock in my country is the same motherboard as I have now not the fused version, so I guess this not cheap printer is going to be gathering some dust for a while whilst printers costing less than half this much will carry on printing and evolving without milking their customers!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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