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    Does anyone have any advise on print settings (for the sigma) for these large components?

    – layer height?
    – infill percentage?
    – Material to print with
    – nozzle size

    Thanks 🙂


    I join the request of Richard.


    Hi There,
    Ive started print all the part for Moveo, but have noticed the Electronic Box and Base are far too big. It there a way to split the parts in half and then i can print them and glue them back together.


    Yes, you can use go to the website of, this is an online 3D model editing app. You can use it to split the 3D model in half, it’s pretty easy to use.
    For the Material, personnally I would recommend PLA (pretty stiff material)
    layer height, 0.2mm is fine for a 0.4 nozzle
    For the infill, it depends of which part. You have to keep in mind that the lighter on top, the better, so the bottom part should have a good infill (like 20-25%) and the higher you go, the less infill you put. Except for the gripper, which could be weak otherwise.
    Just experiment, its no rocket science 🙂


    Hello everyone!
    There are three parts that have to bear more weight than the others. Those parts are: 1M1, 1M2 and 4M1 and should be printed with 1.2mm bottom/top – shell thickness and 35% infill. The other parts should be printed with a 0.8mm or 1.2mm bottom/top – shell thickness and 25% infill.
    Here in BCN3D we have printed our Moveo in PLA with 0.6 nozzle and a 0.2 layer height. But it doesn’t matter that you use a slightly different nozzle/layer hight settings.


    I am going to print this in PLA with a Sigma printer. Do you recommend printing with support e.g. PVA or PLA, or can the parts be printed without support?


    I have same question about supports.

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