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    Hi Everyone,

    I am really happy with my new sigma (owner since a week), but was having issues with my bowden tube.

    1. It was letting go in the middle of prints, sometimes on the extruder side and sometimes on the other side. The sigma is not using the clamps I see at other printers for the Coupling collets. Does this matter? Is anyone else having the same issues? I increased my printing temp, to have a bit less pressure and all seems ok now. Just completed an 38 hours print.

    2. the bowden tube from both extruders is touching the moving mechanism, see picture, this is cutting into the actual bowden tube. Is this a design error, or is there something wrong with my printer?


    roger uceda

    Hi Richard,
    I recommend you tu use this two printed parts designed by BCN3D Sigma users:
    And please, tell us how they work 🙂


    The thingy 1685202 is an improved version of a clip I created for the same purpose. After being used for a while, the thinner portion will begin to split. I ceased to use the plastic design and returned to the metal shim created from a feeler gauge. I’ve also discovered that once the wedge is in place, it causes the internal gripper to function better. During a long print, the wedge fell out and my print continued without problem. When I later needed to remove the bowden tube, I discovered it was well seated.
    There is also another design for the clip that may still split on the thinner portion, but incorporates a design which prevents the wedge from sliding free.
    the above link shows a clip installed on the head, while this one below
    does not, although both designs appear to prevent the clip from sliding free.

    roger uceda

    Very interesting…

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