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    i’m getting gaps between my colors. i notice that the colors in the recently posted examples are nicely integrated.

    i am using 123D and Cura.

    my model is a key fob consisting of a single letter within a square base. in 123D my two objects are completely touching since i used the letter to carve out a space in the base. however, there are gaps between the letter and the base. (see attached) so i tweaked all the letter-facing base surfaces 0.05mm in toward the letter, essentially making the base overlap with the outer edges of the letter. i also set Cura to overlap colors by 0.15.

    i still get gaps in the same places. it’s almost like my adjustments were ignored. i want 0 gap between the 2 colors.

    suggestions anyone?


    Print the calibration gcode on the sd card. Maybe you need to fine tune a bit.


    You need to fine tune with gcode commands. With the full calibration wizard you will not get the highest calibration accuracy.
    1. You need to do the full calibration via LCD wizard.
    2. Print dual extrusion object. Best is to have some layers printed with left extruder and then on top of this some layers with right extruder.
    3. Adjust the x-axis by changing with “M530” => increase/decrease the X-Value
    Check current value with M503 gcode and then increase/decrease the value by 0.05mm or 0.10mm
    E.g. Output from M503 is … X 304.15 Y -0.05 Z 0.05 Z probe-1.75
    Increase X-Value with gcode: M530 X304.20 Y-0.05 Z0.05 P-1.75
    4. Adjust the y-axis with “M530”. Do the same for the Y-Value.


    @phill that was it. i printed the calibration gcode and it definitely needed some tweaking. once i got the test calibration design perfect, (took about 3 tries), it started printing correctly.

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