Does the M0 pause command works on the Sigma?

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    Is is possible to pause automatically the printer with a gcode command as on M0 with default Marlin firmware?

    I would like to insert some nuts into my prints and need an automated way to do it…



    Hi pablogil.
    For your needs I think is better to use the “Pause at height” Plugin for Cura.
    There you can set a pause of the printer based on the height of the part and then place the nut or whatever.
    Test it and tell us what.


    Hi, I tried both the M0 and M600 commands with the SD card and they did not work on a Sigma R17. The printer does not pause.
    The “pause at height” plugin from Cura is in fact adding the M0 gcode, so it’s the same issue.
    I was able to effectively run this with Simplify 3D and the printer connected via USB. But not in standalone mode.
    I added this code for homing X and pausing:

    G28 X

    with this script in Simplify3D
    {REPLACE "\n; layer 4" "\nG28 X\nM0\n; layer 4"}; pause at layer, Home X
    I have latest firmware 1.2.5.
    Is there a way to run these commands for pause with just the LCD?


    Use this instead (both of them in this sequence):


    The first one will park the head for a pause, the second one will pause processing from SD. The LCD will display the pause menu from where you can resume.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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