e3d Scaffold in a BCN3D Sigma

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    roger uceda

    Has anyone experience in using Scaffold with the BCN3D Sigma. It’s a water soluble material from e3D?


    I have seen this video in Youtube:


    I have some sat here just waiting to experiment more. Once I’m back up and happy with prints i will probably give it a go again. I believe it’s not as good with pla than it is with some other materials.

    roger uceda

    One new print:


    I know this is an old post but I am struggling to get Scaffold to work with my Sigma. I have Nylon/Carbon Fiber loaded on the left extruder and Scaffold in the right. After loading the Scaffold and waiting for the hot end to heat up (215-220) it starts skipping while purging like the extruder cannot push it out of the nozzle. I tried raising and lowering the temp, cleaning the hot end with Nylon, adjusting the Bowden clamp thing and nothing helps. If I remove the Scaffold and put in PET or PLA it works perfectly. Its really irritating because I have some production items that really needs some good support!!!


    check the filament diameter of the scaffold material and make sure that it is correct in S3D. Speed is also a big factor. Even if your temperature is correct extrusion multipliers and speed can still kill a print.
    Try leaving the extrusion multiplier at 1.0 but updating the filament diameter and slowing the print down but only for the scaffold material.


    just to provide more information on this topic for others that may be looking, I have had a good deal of success with E3D scaffold and NylonX. The most important factor in getting scaffold to print well was to make sure it is fully dry prior to printing. I dry mine overnight at 45 degrees C once a week, and keep it in a sealed container with desiccant while printing (look up drybox designs on thingiverse). I have also found that you can print at rather fast speeds for support materials, around 2000mm/min, but when placing layers down on top of the nylonX, make sure they are solid layers and make sure to slow WAY down! I print those layers around 250mm/min to get it to adhere to the nylonX. Also do not try to print it using a hardened nozzle, use the .6mm nozzle that came with the printer (and a .5mm nozzle for the nylonX). Finally, always go in and edit the g-code to turn off the heat for the scaffold extruder as soon as the last support layer has been completed. That extra 2 or 3 hours at temp without the scaffold moving through the print head can cause the scaffold material to harden and completely clog the nozzle. Good luck!


    Thank you evin.powell for this information! It will be really helpful for other users.

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