Extruder / Hot-End Problem

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    This is happening since the day I got the machine.
    Extrusion stops mid-print, right extruder chews the filament.
    Almost Every Print I do Fails. Have to print again & again.
    This is frustrating.


    What material are you using? I would venture to guess that it is PLA. What nozzle temperatures are you setting and what temperatures do you see in Settings when the print is running? Does the print fail at the same duration? If, for example, your print fails at about one hour thirty minutes each time, there could be a component failure, especially if you observe that the temperature is dropping in the right nozzle at that point. I was having mid-print failures of a similar manner but they ceased when I changed out the filament from BCN3D to another brand.


    Hi! if it happens on one side only then it the it might be the spring tension is to high on your right feeder( assuming that the hotend is not faulty). Maybe try to unscrew the tension screw a bit.


    This occurs with the stock filament that came with the printer & also with dutch filaments “Filaform” brand.
    I’m using PLA with the default settings. Didn’t change the temperature / speed.
    I bought the machine 10 days ago. Until today the problem occurred only on the right side.
    Today this happened also on the left side.
    Now, I’m trying to print with Simplify3D (Richrap’s profile for the Sigma).
    The displayed temp is 209-210 for the first layer (the profile temp is 210).
    For the rest of the layers the displayed temp is 207-208 (the profile temp us 208).
    I’ve also ordered new hot-ends. Hope to find the solution for this.


    Set times the temperature a little higher


    I’m with the same issue. I can print small prints beautifully but the longs ones always fails, always. I’m using colorfabb PLA and Colorfila PLA and both clogs and stop extruding. I tried seasoning the extruder, lower the retraction, speed and doesn´t fix it.
    I use Richrap profile, bcn3d profile, cura, simplify 3d and it always clog.
    I have the thermal paste applied from factory.
    Anyone found a solution? I bought new nozzles, but its quite frustrating cause I don’t think it will solve the issue.


    I might recommend trying to lower the retraction speed and (maybe) distance. What I found was that when this was happening, it was typically after color changes in the print and I would have to pull the filament from the hotend. Most times, I noticed a distinct bend at the tip of the filament like it was catching on something when it would attempt to reapply pressure and cause the filament to stop.
    I tried increasing the filament retraction speed (to 80) which led to even small prints failing in very short order and decreasing it to 30 (Stock was 40) has solved all of my current issues with this (Note: I have only tested objects up to a couple inches so not sure on larger prints yet) BUT it does increase stringing on the prints (Which I view as better than not at all).
    I’ll also note that I have Bondtech extruders on my Sigma currently and I would still see the issue so I don’t believe it to be directly related to the extruder (though in my case it is only one extruder that gives me an issue so maybe too much power to the stepper?).


    I been working with the new nozzle this weekend and I have some issues, but i could print a lot.
    I left default retraction settings, installed new nozzle and started to print.
    With the white Colorfila 0 issues. I didnt take it out the whole weekend and it didn’t jam or anything. With the colorfabb i had some under extrusion after a long print with a lot of retraction.
    What I did was to clean with nylon every time I change filament and if i start to see underextrusion i stop the print, clean with nylon, and keep going.
    I’m quite happy because before this weekend I couldn´t finish almost any print, and with this method I´m been printing the whole weekend. I will stick to colorfila until I find another brand that work like colorfila but without stringing.
    I’ve found as well that when the nozzle is getting clog it start stringing a little bit until it fails.
    For me the problems its a mix between the filament and the extruder. The Colorfabb pla doesnt work well with our extruder. Its a shame because i love the material and finish when it works.


    Hi all,
    I have seen that one of the big problems is the bowden tube with Colorfabb. This filament is 3 mm but not always has the same diameter and clogs into the tube and not the extruder feeder. I don’t know if it is possible to change the tube for a bigger ID, maybe 3.5mm.
    Regards from Mexico


    Printing at 210 or 209 I’m printing down at 175 don’t understand the difference but at 210 could the PLA be burning…


    I second the idea of EmvioEng. Reduce the tension on the feeder motor on the side this is happening.
    I have experienced this problem as well on prints with lots of retraction. I found the drive motor crushed/flattened the filament such that it was too wide to move easily through the bowden tube. After 2 or 3 flat spots, the filament jammed in the tube, and no further extrusion was possible. You would know if you have this problem by looking closely at the filament after it passes the motor; it will have flat spots if the tension is too high.


    Well bcn uses a metal hotend, I doubt it could make a big number of retractions without issues.


    See what RicharRap has to say on the BCN and the extrusion aspect https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62XkM89vMrs got to 5:20min

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