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Extruder Steppers working at Full Steps?

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    Dear Support (hopefully),

    I tried to read through all kind of documentation on github even the qualtiy checks. I can´t find the cause of the underextrusion I am expriencing.

    – different types of PLA and Greentec
    – Clean hotend with nylon technique
    – Temps from 205°C to 230 °C
    – Extruder feeder tension adjustment
    – Extruder motor current
    – Lots of settings on software side like filament diameter, flowrate, z res from 0,1 to 0,3, extrusion width etc.
    – Bed leveling from close to far from hotend

    No matter what I´m doing the hotend either underextrudes or the gets clogged if settings get to high. I even cut the boden underneath the extruder motor and now I feed it directly without the curve leading to the insertion point.

    The last strange thing left is that both extruder motors seem to do full step or close to full step. That can be felt by touching the filament when it is transported. All the printers I know run the filament smoothly and not in huge steps. I heaven´t found a settin gfor that on the hard or software even after looking at the schematics in eagle and I can´t find anything related baout the stepper driver boards.

    This has been one of the issues from the start and it is very frustrating. I did the 2.1.0 firmware update and the bed leveling seems way better and the whole menu structure and new options are very appreciated, so is any help on that topic as the printer is not very usable right now except within a very tiny sweet spot of software fiddeling and good luck.

    Vivideo in actiondeo :


    Hello, I have the same problem and i think the cause are the extruders. I was having under extruding in every single print, so I bought 2 new nozzle and I only use them for PLA. I clean the nozzlse with nylon every time I change filament or when I see a little bit of underextrusion. These has improve so much the reliability.
    With colorfila PLA and default setting (4 retraction 40 retraction speed 65 mm/s printing speed) I have good results, not to much stringing. With colorfabb PLA I have to clean almast every day I use the printer to have good prints, and if the print has a lot of retraction I have to nanny the printer because I dont trust its going to end the print. I thought that buying superhigh quality PLA will solve the clog problem, but i was wrong. I didnt try more brands, hope to find one that works with the BCN3d Nozzle.
    My plan its to find a reliable setting for this nozzle, if I cant fint it i will go to E3D nozzle. I use then in my prusa and they clog as well but they takes more time and crazy setting, and the work well with almost all brands.
    It really sucks and my level of frustration its high. I expected more after paying 2300 €.


    Hi Herrmann and cOrnel,
    Please, contact They will help you.


    Hello guys,
    As Marc said, you can contact us at or sending a ticket through our website.
    Please, let us know your printer serial number.


    Thanks for the reply mfelis and support. I will contact you as soon as possible.


    I just wanted to add, that we observe the same problems here, i.e. underextrusion and the lack of microstepping on the extruder. And by now, I’m pretty sure the two are linked.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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