FW Bug with “G92 E0” command ???

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    Has anybody also used the Sigma profile shipped with S3D v3.1? Unfortunately i realize lot of failed prints.
    This seems to come from the Zero extruded lenth command “G92 E0” used in the S3D options under GCode-Tab and in some of the scripts.
    This command causes suddenly huge amount of filament retraction.
    BTW … Cura profile does not do this.

    Does any body else realize the same issue with continous retracting caused by “G92 E0”???

    For the time beeing i would recommend to deactivate the “Zero extruded lenth command” in Simplify3d, even if it is activated in S3D v3.1 official profile.
    Unfortunately there are really lot of errors in the official released S3D profile for the Sigma. 🙁


    I’m not having problems with excessive retraction and the check box for G92 E0 in my S3D profile is selected. I did some quick research regarding the g-code G92 which didn’t seem to make much sense to me. I generated a g-code file from a model in S3D and examined the locations of G92 E0 and discovered the comment “zero extruder.” This appears to be a command to return the extruder head to the zero (calibrated) location.
    This may be unrelated to your retraction problems.
    I cannot recall from where I downloaded my profile. It may have been from a link in these forums.

    Eric Pallarés

    Hi Christian and Fred,
    We are working close with the Support Team from Simplify3D in order to fix the profile included in Simplify3D v3.1 since there were some mistakes by their part.
    Until a new version is released, we recommend to use the profile you will find in: Support –> Downloads –> Printing Profiles –> Simplify3D
    Obviously this profile can be improved. We’d love to receive your feedback.


    How does the .XML file convert to .FFF for S3D implementation? Is it a simple matter of renaming the extension?

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