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    I was unable to raise a ticket from the support page (there is no button to do so) and also tried sending emails to the address but it’s been over a week and I haven’t received a reply so, I am posting a thread here.

    I ordered two 0.6mm hotend from the site about a month ago and recently received the package only to find there was only one hotend included.

    My second problem is I tried using the said 0.6mm hotend to print various materials but haven’t been successful after numerous attempts. The filament is getting grinded and starts making a repeated pattern of unpleasant sounds as if it’s skipping in the extruder while printing – various materials tested(PLA, ABS).
    I have attached a photo of filament that got stuck in the extruder.
    The filament eventually stops coming out of the hotend and I cannot retract or continue extruding anymore.

    I have cleaned out the bowden tube and the extruder but this has not solved the problem.
    The nozzle size in Cura is set to 0.6mm, and I’ve tried flow settings and temperatures between 210-230, resolutions between 0.1mm-0.3mm.
    I have adjusted the tension on the extruder, (the tension clamp) and that doesn’t do much either.

    This made me think the hotend you sent isn’t infact a 0.6mm nozzle but perhaps another 0.4mm nozzle which is causing too much filament going to the hotend.
    I think it is ridiculous how neither the package or the product has a single label to identify what it is. It’s very confusing because the 0.4mm and 0.6mm hotends look exactly the same (perhaps they aren’t meant to be?).

    Three questions:
    – What is causing the filament grinding?
    – Is there a way to identify the hotend?
    – When can I receive the second hotend?

    Thank you

    Barbecue Silver

    If your guess is correct that it’s a 0.4 nozzle. Try to print with 0.4 setting and check if the grinding reoccurs.
    Try to disable the retraction completely and print something.
    Also there is a common problem with the sigma. Check this out:
    The step with the Thermal Grease is very important. So the nozzle could be correctly heated.
    Also get a magnifier glass and check the old and the new nozzle. 😉 Be sure that you have marked them with a pencil or something that you don’t confuse them (if there is any difference :D).


    I’ll give that a try when I can. Thanks
    Also, the nozzles look pretty much the same – can’t tell the difference.
    I’m guess they shipped the wrong hotend.
    I would still like a response from BCN3D Technical Support as I have no means of contacting other than this forum.
    Thank you


    To check the diametre of the nozzle, check the sides of the nozzle itself. there should be 3 small marks on the 0.6 one, and 2 on the 0.4 one.
    About the grinding, it could be caused by different reasons, the most obvious in this case being that the material isn’t flowing, so it is getting stucked in the same position and the extruder is grinding it.
    You can try to lower the pressure of the extruder by adjusting the hollow screw on top of the extruder clamp. If you turn it anticlockwise you will release pressure, and if you turn it clockwise, you will increase pressure.
    Once you confirm that the nozzle is, in fact, a 0.4, you can contact our sales dept. at so they can send a new unit.
    If you want to contact the technical service you can do it though the website ticket system or through our e.mail –


    Thank you for the advice.
    I checked the nozzle and it has 3 marks which makes it a 0.6mm nozzle.
    I have forwarded an email to about the second nozzle I have not received.
    I will mention again that your websites ticket system isn’t working for me.
    I will try various the various methods mentioned once I can remove the jammed filament from the extruder.


    >Barbecue Silver
    Thanks for the reply.
    It is known that spare parts purchased from the website already have thermal paste applied (from the page in your link). I can confirmed this.


    We have the same issues with 0.6 nozzles. Yes, the come already with thermal paste applied (you can see some of coming from the heat sink).
    It seems that somehow 0.4 nozzles work better but the main problem is retraction (it is used a lot with perforated parts, you can find some topics on the forum).
    The only parts that were failing were ones with a lot of holes (see photo attached). And we found out that it also depends on traction motor (our left one fails where right one works).
    Can you show us the part you’re trying to print?
    I would recommend to clean the knurled wheels on traction motors, experiment with tension of the extruder clamp (what you already did) and change the retraction settings (decrease speed and maybe increase distance).
    I’d like to know ideal settings myself but it requires more experiments.


    I’ve tried disabling retraction but it hasn’t had an effect.
    Every part I have tried printing with the 0.6mm nozzle has failed.
    I have tried extremely simple parts such as a 1.2mm thick cylinder model and a solid cube.
    I have cleaned the traction motors and am experimenting the tension of the extruder clamp right now.

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