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Hardened nozzle for carbon-filled materials

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    Is BCN3D going to offer steel nozzles or, better, hard-nickel plated brass nozzles for the Sigma?
    There are some really wonderful carbon-filled materials out there…

    (btw, I know about the possibility of using E3D hot end with the Sigma – if BCN3D is not going to offer hardened nozzles very soon, I will probably choose to go that way)

    roger uceda

    We are now testing hardened steel nozzles for the Sigma. If there is anybody who wants to be betatester, write an email to and we will try to send one unit (at low price).


    How did these tests go?


    Hey, how are the hardened nozzles coming along? Are you still shipping beta units? I tried emailing the address above but no answer back yet, do you want me to try again?


    I’d also be interested to hear about the nozzles. I’ll fire a mail your way.


    Please Bcn3d, We need hardened nozzles!!! ☺


    If anyone from BCN3D reads this could you please update us on the hardened nozzles? I have tried e-mailing and have not had a response.
    I have some pieces I am itching to print in XT Carbon and my sigma is purring and ready to go!! 🙂


    Thanks BCN3d for showing how you really feel about your customers.
    This thread (and many others on this forum from people who need your help with the product they paid you thousands to own) is happily ignored.
    You also ignore my email which is not a first. Previous ones have gone missing due to a ‘problem with the software’.
    I have also contacted you via twitter but no response even though you can still post promotional things.
    Anyone here want to buy a second hand BCN3D sigma?? Mine is going cheap


    Disappointingly the response rate isn’t high. I don’t know if it is because we’re not in their natural language, they are too busy working away in the background or just hoping we can fix our own problems.
    I was looking to order at least another 2 Sigmas but seeing the variability in the delivered machines ranging from great to poor I’m a little concerned about going ahead with the possibility that I may end up with a poor one that hasn’t great support.
    The strange thing is that there are updates to some threads but not others, Maybe it’s just one guy doing tech support as a part time job when not assembling printers to ship and he’s only focusing on low hanging fruit.
    I’d love an update telling us how the company is getting on, what they’re working on and how we could help them.


    thanks for this information.


    We are sorry for the delay. As some of you know we produce our parts in our CNC machines and we have had some problems machining all the materials that we wanted to test.
    During next week we’ll be able to start selling the hotends that we have been testing.
    We have not sent any beta unit because we had not beta design good enough to be tested and now there will not be betatesting because the design is ready to be produced.
    We are very happy with the results and with the performance of the hotend (XT CF20)
    sigma hardened hotend


    That’s great news! Will the nozzles be changeable?


    Dear BCN3D Sigma owners,
    During the last months we have been working in the new BCN3D Sigma Release that today has been announced:
    With this announcement we have also released a new hotend family, that includes the hardened steel nozzle that you wanted to test.
    As we already told, we had some different problems and this betatesting has not been possible. Sorry for that.
    Anyway, we want to offer a 20% discount for this product with the promotional code “hotend05”. This code will be only valid for one use and during February.
    Many thanks in advance!


    Yes, as you can see in this video:


    I presume the nozzle on its own isn’t changeable, like now you’d have to change out the whole hot end? If this is correct, what is the estimated life span for the hardened nozzle with CF and other exotic filaments?


    Hi, we have print more than two CF20 spools without any wear sign.
    We sell it fully assembled.

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