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Help-Soft PLA and “filament runout” error

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    Using Matterhackers Soft PLA has a shore hardness of 92A. Printing at 230, 235 and 249 with feed set anywhere from 100% all the way up to 115%. Speed has been set at 40mm down to 20mm. Using only left extruded. The machine prints for about 30 minutes at any of these settings and stops with error “Warning filament runout. Filament. Not detected on left extruded”. BUT filament has not run out. And when I unload it seems that there is filament down to the hot end. Once reloaded the print resumes and prints again for about 30 minutes. Does anyone know what could cause the sensor to think there was no filament when in fact there seems to be? Thanks!!!


    Hello leslierinaldi,
    I will try to attach a manual so you can solve this problem. In case you have any doubts contact the support team (
    All best


    Hi, I’m also having this problem. I’m thinking of permanently closing the FRS switch to keep it from stopping mid print.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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