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    We have 1.75mm and 3mm running flawlessly on the sigma, here’s a time lapse of it in action:

    The trick is to remove the screw near the spring arm, it actually blocks it from fully gripping filament. We show how to do that here:

    and you can grab the S3D profile we use here:

    The main settings to adjust for 1.75mm is to turn down retraction to 3.5mm and adjust the filament diameter to 1.75mm.


    thanks for sharing this great “mod.” I have a crate of 1.75 filament, ordinary PLA that I will be able to use before it goes brittle!


    I’m thinking of buying a sigma, the only thing that does not convince is to use 3mm filament because I have many amounts of 1.70mm.
    Adapt Sigma is really that simple as you mention? …
    No need to change or adapt any nozzle part?
    thank you very much


    Realmente es así de sencillo?.. es lo único que me echa atrás de la sigma, el filamento, ya que dispongo de bastante cantidad de 1.75 tanto en pla como abs y si realmente pudiera aprovecharlo sin tener que efectuar modificaciones compleja me decidiría por la sigma.
    Agradeceré cualquier información al respecto.


    Minute 33


    Gracias, pues yo pensaba que la cosa seria mas compleja.
    Aunque me queda la duda de habria que poner algun reductor de ptfe en la entrada del nozzle.
    I thought it would be more dificult.
    I even doubt whether to put some ptfe reducer/adapter (2.80 to 1.70) in the nozzle admision.


    Just wanted to let others know this does not work on the Sigmax R19. The gear housing is different.

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