How to move the Moveo?

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    Once the moveo is assembled, you will need to load the firmware on the Arduino. You can download the firmware here:
    For loading the firmware, you can do it through the Arduino IDE software.
    Then you will need some software for control and move the Moveo. For now, we are using Pronterface.
    Pronterface is a program for the testing of 3D printers. With it you can move all axes individually in all directions and also the extruders of your printer. On the right side of the program, there is a terminal command with which you can send gcode lines to move steppers, read the positions of each stepper and also move servo motors. In our case, we will use the software Pronterface in order to move the BCN3D Moveo. To act on the BCN3D Moveo we must establish communication between Pronterface and Arduino. This is accomplished by performing the following steps.

    More information can be found in the user manual:


    I have built and assembled the robot, but with pronterface I can only move axis X, Y, and Z.
    Can you tell me the commands to move the rest of axis? I suppose it is G1 gcode command with the name of axis, but I do not know how they are named.
    Thank you very much


    Hi Rafael,
    The Moveo can be controlled with Pronterface or other softwares. Once you install the firmware you will need to look for which command is for each motor…


    Thanks for sharing this information.


    Nosotros tambien hemos constuido un MOVEO siguiendo sus indicaciones.
    hemos actualizado el FIRMWARE de la Arduino MEGA con el ultimo firmware publicado:
    Hemos conseguido mover 4 de los 5 motores usando los parametros X, Y, Z, E en el comando G01, pero parece que el 5º motor no esta implementado (F se utiliza para la velocidad).
    Creo que la solucion propuesta en otro hilo:
    La línea 47 originalmente dijo: #define MOTHERBOARD 33 lo cambió a: #define MOTHERBOARD 34
    La línea 58 originalmente dijo: # define EXTRUSORES 1 Se cambió a: # define EXTRUSORES 2
    No funciona porque falta poder pasarle el 5º parametro y de hecho revisando el codigo del firmware los arraus donde se guardan posiciones van de la posicion 0 a la 3 (4 motores).
    ¿Existe algun firmware actualizado que soporte los 5 motores?


    hello i made a robotic arm but now there is a tricky web site when moving, using the g code to move only the axes X, Y, Z and E0 and I don’t know how to move the E1 axis in the servo motor. so i would like to ask you if someone could tell me some example g code which contains all motions of step motor and servo.

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