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manually lower or raise the print bed

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    every so often, my print bed rises too high and the print heads dumbly try to position themselves over the bed but cannot because they hit the side of the print bed instead. by faking a print and turning off the machine multiple times, the print bed gradually lowers and the print heads are eventually able to clear the top of the bed. this is unacceptable.

    how do i tell the printer to lower or raise the print bed? i see no option on the menu to do so.


    Make sure your bed is always in the printer when you do any manipulation with filament (load, unload). In the beginning of every operation printer searches for bed level with left extruder microswitch. If there is no bed at this moment Z coordinate will be wrong – about 5 mm lower. And when you put the glass back the extruder will hit the glass. That’s how we broke the right microswitch once.
    Sorry if it is not your case.


    Hi shackman0,
    Do you have the latest firmware version? Check out this video about how to upload the firmware on the BCN3D Sigma:
    On this version you can go up and down the Z axis through the screen menu.
    Contact with our technical support for more information:


    i just upgraded to the latest firmware and now my printer is hosed.
    see attachments.
    image 000 = missing icon
    image 001 = missing icon. no files are listed and the data card has multiple gcode files
    image 002 = backing out of the utilities calibration screen comes here with no way to exit
    image 003 = neither of the filament buttons respond
    i need to get operational again asap.


    figured it out. cura failed to prompt me to copy files to the sd card. it said “all done” so i figured i didn’t need to do so. i copied the files manually and “all eez vell”

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