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New Release Candidate for BCN3D Sigma

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    As you may know, we’re actively developing the firmware of the BCN3D Sigma in order to improve stability and functionalities.
    We do all of this on Github, where you will find all the source code and the changes we make along the way. Here you can find all the repositories we have:

    Github let us share all the changes and let you participate in the development process.
    We’ve set up a wiki on the repository with the instructions for testing new firmware versions. Make sure tu read that before contributing.

    Contributing to firmware development is for users that feel confortable with code but we’re trying to document everything so anyone can test the latest firmware version and tell us about it. We think this is the way to improve even faster.

    As always, if you have any doubt or suggestion, let us know.


    Great idea to share also beta (release candidate) versions.
    Question: Are there any release notes available for the pre-versions?


    Hi Christian,
    If you go to the bottom to the wiki page, you’ll find the branches section. There are listed and linked all the development branches of the firmware. In the page of the branch you’ll find all the changes we’re working on and need to be tested.
    I leave you the link here just in case


    Hi Marc,
    i am really happy to the see that you have added the gcode feature for modifying filament temperatures with M510 and M520. 🙂
    #15 [Enhancement] New G-Codes: M510 and M520. Command is case sensitive!
    Beside this i would also like to have the option to change the calibration values (e.g. Recv: echo: X 303.70 Y -0.15 Z -0.20 Z probe-1.75).
    This is very useful feature for ….
    1. to recover old calibration values (if EEPROM is lossing them)
    2. to further optimize the L/R extruder alignment based on dual printing experiences
    3. THE MOST USEFUL: If you decide to use blue tape (or capton tape) for single print you can adapt the z-heigt with/without tape (no calibration needed).


    Hi Christian,
    We’ve not forgotten about that, we’re working on it right now. I think at the end of next week will be implemented to start testing.
    It will be on branch 1.1.4_b though.
    Thanks for the feedback.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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