Noise reduction – Isolate Extruder FAN

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    Hereby i want to share some small modifications i have done around the extruder fan.
    I do not have reliable measurements but my objective impression is that the overall noise coming from the extruder fan’s has reduced a lot.
    The total cost of this modificaton is something like 5€. 🙂

    The noise from the extruder fan’s are causing vibration of the metalic extruder housing.
    So the idea was to reduce the vibration from a) the fan b) the metallic “sheets” closely bent on the corners.

      Isolate Extruder Fan

    I have used silicon bumper which are available for PC fans.
    There are different versions on the market and you need to search for the bumpers which can be used for small fans.
    The one i have bought on ebay is “83,5mm” long.
    To fit the bumper it was necessary to drill the whole from the fan (3,3mm, or 3,5mm) and the housing (4,0mm).

    Sigma FAN Bumper

    As the fan is moving about 3-4mm due to the bumpers it is (unfortunately) necessary to flat the extruder heatsink with a file a bit.
    Otherwise the fan stops rotating. You should check this before you mount the extruder back again.

    Extruder heatsink modification

      Reduce vibration between metallic sheets

    Add some silicon at the corners where two sheets are meating each other.
    You should know this effect from the fridge if two objects are very close to each other and the compressor is on.
    This vibration should be reduced by this small modification.

    Silicon Modification Extruder Housing

    Second thing is to put some tape on the area where two metallic sheets are mounted on one another.
    This should lower to possibility to transfer the vibration.

    Sigma tape modification.

    Use this modifications on your own risk!
    Enyjoy the (hopefully) more silent Sigma.

    roger uceda

    Amazing job!
    I will definitely try it! 😉

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