OctoPrint Printer Profile settings for Sigma

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    Can anyone help me out with the correct OctoPrint Printer Profile settings for the Sigma printer?
    OctoPrint Printer Profile settings


    The printer profile setting is only used for the control buttons and if you want to slice STL on the octoprint (what i do not recommend).
    If you print the gcode from Cura or Simplify3D you do not need the setup in octoprint.
    Formfactor: Rectangular
    Vol X: 210mm
    Vol Y: 297mm
    Vol Z: 210mm
    Heatbed: enabled
    Axis X: 12.000 mm/min
    Axis Y: 12.000 mm/min
    Axis Z: 1.000 mm/min
    Axis E: 300 mm/min (i would use this speed for the extruder)
    Nozzle: 0.4mm
    Number of extruders: 2 (this will enable to select T0/T1 and add temp graph for second extruder)
    The offset of T1 you should get from M503 output. But honestly speeking i do not use this.
    All the control with the octoprint is working EXCEPT the X-Axis (Left/Right) from the two extruders.
    I did not spent time on this to fix because i do not use the control button.
    I strongly recommend not to use the X-Axis control !!!!
    How to get the X-Axis working with the octoprint control and how to setup the T1 difference would be good question to BCN3D expert.
    The gcode printing with octoprint is working very good.
    If you want to place the octoprint cam inside the Sigma you can use the webcam adapter which i have shared on thingiverse:
    Looking forward to see more Sigma specific octoprint adaptations.

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