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    I’m new to 3D printing so sorry if this is a bit of a novice question, but I’m part way through an 11hr print and would like to pause it whilst the office is empty.
    Is it possible to turn the power to my Sigma off after I have paused the print?
    I.e. will the Sigma heat up and continue to print where it left off after I power back up and hit resume tomorrow morning?

    Thanks in advance,


    Certainly if you power off the printer, it will lose track of the progress you’ve made and begin afresh. As an extreme possibility, you could press Pause, then Settings and reduce the temperatures for the nozzles and the heated bed. The nozzles would likely cause no problem when you are ready to restart, but if you reduce the temperature of the heated bed, the model printed thus far would probably release from the bed.
    For the first time since owning my printer, I used blue painter’s tape, in order to get the PVA support material to bond to the bed. When the print was done and had cooled, coincidentally overnight, it was still well bonded to the bed. If you are determined to interrupt a print task, perhaps that will provide an option.
    Of course you would not want to power off the printer and you would want to ensure that it suffered no power interruption overnight. I have a UPS to keep my printer safe from surges and power drops.
    If you have a 3rd party slicer, or if Cura supports the configuration, you could use a feature offered in Simplify3D. I can create a profile for a model to be printed and specify a layer termination point. I then create a second profile and have the print begin at the location of termination of the first profile. This can be repeated as many times as necessary. It’s useful when one needs thinner layers for parts of the model and can save time by using thicker layers for other parts. In your objective, you would have to have a good idea when the job is to be terminated, time-wise and create one profile for the first half, saving the g-code. The second profile would then be created for the second part and saved as separate g-code to be printed after the morning restart.
    Some experimentation would be needed to ensure this would work. You could create a simple model of five minute duration and split it in half, making the test much faster. As the bed would cool while powered down, you would want to blue-tape option to keep the model in place when it is powered off.
    I may, in the future, perform such a test, as it would make some of these 30 hour prints more practical for me.
    Good luck and please post any results, good or bad if you test this option or any other.

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