Printer Progresses without Extrusion

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    After having original start up issues with the sigma printer and going back and forth with BCN3D several times we thought our printer was good to go. After starting a test print (3hrs) extrusion was working great and the machine was left after an hour at about 28% printed. At the 2 hours time, the arms were found still moving and the extruder gears attempting to turn but it looked as though nothing had been printed for a half hour. When trying to reprint, nothing was extruded. The machine was disassembled to the point of how it arrived, and it was found that the PLA filament used had been broken in the white tubing it goes through. New filament was pulled through and the printing again commenced, but the same thing occurred.

    Has anyone else been having a filament breakage problem? We have tried playing with the clamps as they appeared to tight as suggested by a support rep but got no better results. We have also updated firmware, and almost tried about every suggestion we could find.

    If anyone else has similar problem with either breakage or no extrusion while printing I would appreciate any insight.

    thank you


    Hey Asikora2,
    I’ve had the Sigma for a little over a month now and I’ve had the exact same issue. The sigma comes with white and black filament. I didnt have any problems with the white filament, but the black ALWAYS breaks on me. In addition, I’ve had a few grinding problems with both the white and black filament – i.e. filament stuck in the bowden extruder, and the arms continuing to move. Grinding/breakage problems only happen to me with taller prints.
    First thing: go on youtube and check out
    For the breakage: I’ve attributed my breakage problems to bad filament. I unwound about a yard of both materials, and bent it about every inch to see which parts would yield, and which would break. The white was fine for the most part, but the black would have segments that would snap. I’m getting new 3.00mm filament later today and I’m going to try the same test. Then run some prints and see what happens.
    For the grinding: go into your settings (i use simplify3d) and reduce your retraction distance and speed a bit. if that doesnt work, you can unscrew your grub-screw on your extruder so that it’s grabbing a little lighter. I’ve noticed that the more brittle the filament, the lighter the extruder needs to be. But honestly, just scrap the brittle filament. It’s a pain in the butt…
    Hope this helps


    I’ve also had this issue, but it was with the white.


    Exactly the same issue, I have just 2 weeks with 2 sigmas and in both of them I’m having the problem with the black filament.


    I believe this is extruder related, actually. I saw the exact same issue and initially thought it was filament as well. I had black filament on the left and silver on the right and the black kept breaking. I swapped the filament (moving the Silver to the left) and then the silver started breaking.

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