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    I’m interested in the Sigma but it is not clear to me if the soluble printing support is possible with ABS filament prints .

    Eric Pallarés

    Hi info4,
    The most suitable material for printing support structures with ABS is HIPS given that PVA and ABS don’t get along.
    HIPS can be disolved using a chemical substance called Limonene. Look for it in the Internet, as well as recommendations for its use.
    Some of our customers has experienced great results with this combination!


    thanks for reply Eric ,
    I know limonene very well , it is a low toxicity solvent , the problem is that it has a very intense lemon odor and also that the evaporation delay is long .
    I have a Zortrax M200 and was waiting for Zortrax Inventure , that uses PVA as support if I’m not wrong, but Sigma could be a game changer if Abs printing with support would be possible.
    What exactly is the problem with PVA as support while printing with ABS ?
    Differences in glass transition temperatures ?


    I think the issue with PVA and ABS is the difference in print temps and thus the glass transition temperatures.
    The E3D Scaffold material mentions that it can be used with ABS. I have yet to try it with ABS but it handled the temps for supporting Ngen but will add it to my list to try once I have my printer back.


    I have given a simple test ago today and found one issue with ABS. The high bed temp causes issues with the scaffold material, 90c you might be ok with but i need to slow down my print for the scaffold material as i was trying way to fast.

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