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Printing with colorfabb xt


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    Hey all,

    Having real issues getting colorfabb xt printing well. The pre-loaded profiles only have 0.6mm nozzle settings, I’m trying to get it to work on 0.4mm nozzle. Is this possible? Does anyone have a profile they are successfully using?


    I think when you are in Cura-BCN3D you can copy the profile setting into the full settings and then change the nozzle diameter. So, fire up Cura, choose you profile, then click the “Expert” tab on the top and select “Switch to full settings” a window should appear asking “Copy the settings from quickprint to full settings” click yes and last go to the “advanced” tab and write 0.4 in the “Nozzle size” box. Hopefully this will work.


    great, thanks for the info!


    I found with the clear Xt I had to back the cooling fan right off. Well below 50% and I think even below 35% or I could get poor layer bonding and the part would lift from the bed.


    I tried with the profile (changing to 0.4mm), I then tried with the fan at 35%. I’ve gotta say this is the worst material I’ve come across so far and as far as I’m concerned it’s practically impossible to get anything even half decent out the other end.


    I have not heard many people getting on well with it. I just checked back and it was 10% fan that got me going.


    So….. I finally managed to get to print something half decent!!
    I was so down on this material after SO many failed prints. What finally worked for me was using the cura profile for xt on 0.2mm layer height, slowing the speed to 30 and actually having the fan off completely (by accident this happened but it turned out pretty OK). I’m sure if I tweak from here I can improve the quality a bit and will share if I do. I actually love the material – feels really nice and great colours. Hopefully things continue like this from the relatively simple ones I’ve done so far!

    Eric Pallarés

    We are happy to know you are getting some improvements! Feel free to share any picture or even the profile you’re using, so the Community can test it and help to improve.
    At BCN3D we recommend using 0,6mm for XT because it is quite complex to work with. It’s a tough material that need to be printed quite slowly (30mm/s seems to work fine) and even increase the tension at the feeder (check the support section).
    However, XT has great mechanical and thermal properties and it’s totally odourless, so we encourage our customers to use it instead of ABS.


    Use simple ABS profile and start at 250 degree reduce to 245 degree at 35% cooling fan speed.
    You can print at 250 degree if using 100% fan speed.

    I printed a lot using colorfabb XT black on my SIGMA

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