Second glass print bed now died :(

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    I did a pretty small print with some colorfabb XT and came back to it to find my glass print bed had exploded (well, broken in many pieces is more accurate but exploded makes it sound cooler). I had no idea why this would have happened so I just brought another one, forgot about it and then….

    I was waiting for a slightly larger print (in colorfabb xt again) to cool down before I removed it. This time no explosion but it did remove the top layer of the glass in quite a few areas. Kind of sucks as they’re not cheap.

    Anyway. Warning to others: If you’re printing with colorfabb XT definitely remove your print BEFORE it cools down, or maybe use kapton tape… or else things go a bit bad.

    p.s. If you lovely people at BCN3D are feeling really really nice you are welcome to send me a new one for free and I would think that was awesome… especially as I might go bankrupt soon with the way this hobby is eating my bank account 🙂


    I had the same issue with ABS and 3Dlac,I had 2 bed and I was oblige to buy another one (no ganranty of supplier)

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    I just had the same issue today, I was thinking the supplier would cover this through the warranty since we did nothing wrong on our side and we are using recommended products (3DLAC) and normal settings. Also, this doesn’t seem to be an isolated issue since we are already a number of people having this problem.
    Let’s see what reply I get, but it is not very normal that a glass breaks like that on a printer.


    Ok 3 people with the same issue,BCN3D maybe you should contact us to explain and arrange the problem


    Same problem here. Glass quality is poor. I have one that broke and one where there were small pieces of glass on the print, top layer printglass came off.


    Just thought I’d bump this topic as BCN3D are conspicuously quiet with regards to this thread/issue, and have also just tailed off with my support request (i.e. not respond for about a week).
    So, BCN3D, any thoughts??


    Communication is a real job……Customer service too


    Dear all,
    We have found this issue in some units. We have contacted our supplier to see what’s happened, because we tested this glass in different conditions and it was supposed to be high quality. If fact, our tests proved it 🙁
    Please, if you have any problem, contact us or your reseller (depending where you ordered the machine) and will replace the unit.
    Best regards,
    BCN3D Technologies.


    Awesome stuff. Well done for doing the right thing and sorry you had a few faulty ones which sneaked out of the factory. I’ll drop your support guys another email in a bit…


    Claim was made to French supplier but still no reply from 2 weeks.
    Should i concider there is no support for this issue?


    Just send again the e-mail, and copy


    Email sent


    No reply for now


    here’s my glued glas…Works still fine. Glue is Casco Express Glas, it can go up to 130 degrees. Doesn’t work of course if your glas is in many many pieces, mine was just split to two pieces.


    I have also broken glass problem. I am very happy with my Sigma so fare and I have lot of hours of happy printing. After last print peace of glass bead was broken and stacked on the back of printed peace. It is only small part of the glass around 3 x 3 x 3 mm but I am afraid that it will break completely when it started to crack now. Before every print I clean glass and spray it with 3DLAC. I was printing Innofile3D Pro1. I had many good prints with this filament without any glass problem.
    How to prevent from breaking the glass completely.
    Is there any experience, would it help if I put Kapton tape on it.
    Any suggestion.


    Hello Ervin,
    we are currently doing some improvments to avoid this from happening. It’s hard to prevent it, as, so far, it happened in different scenarios, but if you have any issue with it you can contact us at


    We had the similar accident as Ervin – the small piece of glass just came off with a PLA print. The size of this bit is about 4×25 mm with depth about 0.5 to 1 mm.
    It happened after we started printing with ABS and used 100 degrees temp. for some time. We move our prints in Cura to avoid this area and we’ll attach the buildtak from Hawk3D on it later.


    I have realized the same issue now with two printing beds.
    I am also using the shipped 3DLAC.
    The issue happend under normal conditions (PLA print, 60°C printing bed).
    When removing the print i have realized that material from the glass was sticking on the object.
    Unfortunately 1st time i have cut my finger on the glass which was sticking on the object, now i am always very careful.
    I have used 3DLAC without any issue for several months. For me it was the best adhession method i have used till now (btw … before BlueTape was the best).
    Now it happend on both glasses which were used alternating. And i am thinking now about the reason … what was changed???
    Two things i have changed/done before the issue was happening:
    1. As the adhesion was really good i decided to decrease the amount of 3DLAC. Before i used 2-4 layers of spray and i did not clean the glass every time. Then i reduced to 1-2 layers of spray and i was cleaning the glass every time with pure water.
    Q: Is the issue caused by using too less 3DLAC spray??? Does more spray decouple the tension caused by the cooling down from both sticking materials (glass vs PLA)?
    2. Few days before the issue happened i was printing 1st time with ABS (printing bed heated up to 100°C). No issue with ABS, some successful small PLA prints afterwards. And now two broken printing glass.
    Q: Is 3DLAC damaging the glass surface when heating up to 100°C which is later on the reason for the issue??? (similar to what vlad wrote)
    Reading the article here i am not the only one and the things should be analyzed to prevent this happen in the future.
    Would be good if all impacted user are answering to the question 1+2 to find out what could/is/was the reason.
    Are there any other additional suspects?

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    Glass should be of better quality made for even bigger temperatures and specially tempered like Gorila glas for mobile phones. I would not mind to pay more for glass that is unbreakable.


    I am now limited on printing the object only to the remaining intact areas as no german dealer has the glass in stock. 🙁
    As the issue is also happening on this areas i personally think (not 100% sure) that the glass surface was somehow damaged from the ABS printing (100°C).
    For the moment it’s only a suspect but as it happened on two different glasses after printing ABS with 3dlac i have this suspicion.
    Beside the filament the glass bed for the sigma seems to be good sold consumables. 😉
    Need to wait until the glass is in stock again. As long as the reason is unknown i personally will not heat up the glass more then 60°C when using 3dlac.
    Hopefully compatible Buildtec foil for the BCN3D Sigma glass will be also available in germany soon.


    We have the same problem here, printing Polymaker PC-Max (great material, BTW) on 3D Lac will remove chips from the glass surface every now and then. We’re through our 5th glass bed now and I’ve just ordered 8 new ones. I have written to BCN3D repeatedly but no answer to the mails since July. We’re not really too thrilled with the customer support, as you might imagine… :-/

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