Should i upgrade to RC 1.2.0 ?

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    After i have read that some people have problems with this release (heating, home positioning, etc.) i ask myself if i should upgrade
    to 1.2.0 or should i stay with 1.1.6 and wait until this issues are fixed ?


    I’ve been reading of all these new problems associated with the update. I’m sticking with the tried-and-true until it’s been cleared. I use the printer too much to take it out of service just yet.


    I was on 1.2 and switched back to 1.1.6 for now.
    The issues I had were:
    – Using S3D, the left extruder crashed into the right extruder after the print finished (there seems to be a workaround but I didn’t know that when I switched back).
    – The manual Z fine tuning seems to have no effect and is reset to zero as soon as I reenter the menu (at least that’s what it shows).
    – Negative Z-positions in the gcode don’t seem to have any effect. Usually I did some Z fine tuning in S3D but that didn’t work anymore.
    After the bugs are fixed the new version is quite nice, I especially like the possibility to skip calibration steps (I usually only do single extruder prints and have yet to dig into the multi extruder stuff).


    We’ve tested quite a lot the new version in house but always seems to appear new small problems. As we now fully support S3D, we’ve to take it onto account and discover all of its tips and tricks.
    Andreas, could you post your problems in the issues section of Github? That way, it will be left written so we can tackle priorities.


    Are we talking about the RC version or the final Release?


    Another bug, is when you put a new filament, temperatures are set correctly, but after that, extruders temperatures are not set to 0 again.

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