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Sigma resetting when trying to print via USB

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    Newbie here. I just received the Sigma & haven’t managed to print via USB from (latest) cura BCN3D for mac as the Sigma keeps resetting. I’m on OSX 10.11.4 but have also tried with OSX 10.9 with the same result. What is the proper setup to print via USB?

    Thanks much in advance,


    i have the same problem


    We are working on a new Cura version for Mac. As soon as we have it, please give us your feedback!


    Hello Guido and Info,
    what do you mean by printing with Cura? try to connect to the Sigma with pronterface or Repeater host @250000 baudrate.
    If stil can’t connect to it let me know and we investigate further.


    Hello, thanks for the response. I didn’t see anything else mentioned for OSX but to use the BCN3D cura version. Cura shows a “print via USB” button on the screen so i thought that did what it said – i didn’t see pronterface mentioned anywhere until you mentioned it. I have tried it now from cura BCN3D 0.1.4 but that crashes and/or locks up frequently and the pronterface window that comes up refuses to connect to the USB port the Sigma is plugged into, even though Cura-BCN3D does manage to connect to it under the check for firmware updates section (which resets the printer everytime you press any button – is that expected?).
    So unless I’m missing anything, this doesn’t seem usable for me for now – i’ll try with Simplfy3D but will check here later for updates.


    I got my printer last week, just downloaded the software and I have the same issue. I choose “print” from the “file” menu and nothing happens


    Same here. Only now my machine also having problems reading the SD card, so I’m unable to print


    Some SD cards that came with the Sigma are known to have issues, try a different one. Or try reformatting yours in FAT only (not FAT 32). Also if you try a new one it needs to be class 4 minimum i believe and 8GB or less to be able to format in FAT.


    Printing via USB/Serial on Windows 10 with Cura-0.1.5-beta2 (Latest).
    When printer is off, but connected on USB the display/controller is on?
    Selecting print gave the save gcode? (i had tested the connection thru the firmware upgrade function – this worked and i have the latest).
    Setting the COM Port to COM3 (in my case) instead of AUTO gave me a print window – hitting connect reboots the sigma and it never connects as the controller is rebooting and CURA is trying different baudrates to communicate?
    Setting the BAUDRATE to 250.000 fixes the unable to connect, but the printer still reboots? but manages to connect after the reboot and printing is possible.
    Weird behavior.
    I have also tried on MAC – but I never got it to work (didn’t try to fix the port/baudrate here).
    But I had to power cycle my MacBook Pro after a USB disconnect or printer power cycle as the USB ports stopped working – everytime – very annoying.
    The USB connection definitely needs some work – I had expected more from a product in this price range.
    BCN3D: When can we expect this to be working?


    Hi everyone,
    kfoisy: We’ve been experiencing some problems with the SD cards and the Reader module itself. Contact SAT and they will solve your issue and send the spare parts needed to make it work again.
    karsten.saunte: clicking print the only thing it does is saving the gcode file to a directory, it does not print the model to the printer. What Cura does is trying to connect with the printer changing the Baud Rate until the correct one is detected, so the Sigma Rebooting is normal as Cura sends a reboot command everytime it connects. Behind Cura is pronterface so we recommend to use pronterface directly and set the baudrate properly. There you can view the output from the printer, monitor and print stuff.
    When using Simplify be aware of this :

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