strange X-axis behaviour

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    Position commands for the X-axis show some strange behaviour on the Sigma.
    When I send absolute coordinates, e.g. G90 / G1 X100, and then poll the coordinates with M114, X will always be 48.5mm larger than expected, e.g. 148.5mm in the aformentioned example.
    This is still sort of ok. However, the offset of 48.5mm also affects relative position commands, i.e. G91 / G1 X10 will move the head by +58.5mm, G91 / G1 X-20 by +28.5mm, G91 / G1 X-48.5 will do nothing, etc.
    Why is this so how can the Sigma be jogged properly? Do I have to set a different coordinate system somewhere somehow?


    I wonder if it could be the offset for the head to move away from the parking area?


    Yes, that is most certainly the case.
    But it is a strange implementation, there must be a better way. Especially for relative positioning.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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