Swapping pins from E1 to X2 and manual bed leveling

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    Hi guys. I burned the pins associated with the second X motor(X2) accidentally. I need to find a way to be able to move both X axis in order to level the bed.
    What I did was swapped pins from the E1 to X2 in the Pins.h library in Marlin. Then attache the stepper motor cable to the driver of the extruder and the limit switch to its original place.
    Now both X axis move and the limit switch works BUT! during bed leveling the X2 moves at the wrong direction. When I reverse the motor cables the motor moves erratically so i can reverse the direction. What do I need to chance the stepper direction in the firmware to fix this?
    Also is there a way to level the bed manually for one of the extruders?

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