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    Hello , my sigma shows the turn on high temperatures to …. although the nozzles are cold …. firmeware is reinstalled …. Does anyone else? So nothing can be print ….


    Hello Alex,
    Try reseting the mainboard by sending the M502 and M500 commands via pronterface.
    Also try to re-install the firmware following this steps:
    You can download the v01-1.1.6.hex file on the compiled firmware folder:
    To install it just plug the printer to the computer via USB, open Cura and go to Machine/install custom firmware.
    Then select the previously donwloaded v01-1.1.6.hex file.
    If the firmware version on your printer is 1.3 or lower you should also update the LCD micro SD files that you can find on the SD files folder, on the github link.
    To have acces to the Micro SD Card, remove the small blue cover over the LCD, delete the files on it and upload the new ones.


    bcn3d sends me to change a new board

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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