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    i can not buy the recommended heatpaste ( in switzerland from rs because they only sell to companys

    what should i buy ?

    dose it matter if silicone based or not ?

    is higher W/mK better or should i go with about 3 W/mK

    would this paste be ok ?


    The last link you’ve provided appears to have a temperature lower than that of the hot-end. Max temp of 200 c means the limit would be exceeded rather quickly. I did a quick search and found this item:
    which also lists as having a max temperature of 200 deg C, even though I searched for “high temperature thermal paste.”
    Without considering the temperature limits of a particular paste, I had previously applied ordinary computer thermal paste to my hot end during the last disassembly. I’ve now discovered that the limits are much lower than the temperatures reached by the hot end, but I don’t think it has caused any difficulty. I think your selection would work well enough. I am considering to purchase a product with those higher limits as it is certainly going to be better than what is currently in place. I expect that a large part of the use of this substance is to prevent galling or binding of the threads as well as having good thermal transfer.


    I went with this in the end and used on both Sigma and e3d hotends.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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