vibrating fan noise under machine. Help!

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    I am getting a loud rubbing fan/vibrating fan noise coming from the underside of the sigma, in the electronics board area. The machine starts and prints fine, but as it prints, the loud noise will start, almost like with heat expansion, something gets in the fans way, if there is indeed a fan in that area. Sometimes it starts 5 minutes after a print starts, sometimes 2 hours after it starts. I can see a pulsing blue light coming from underneath, so either the light is pulsating, or its the fan blades spinning in front of the light or led that causes this. Not sure if this is normal. Has anyone else had this issue, and if so, what have they found out. I haven’t taken the bottom machine panel off or the blue panels by the filament spool areas yet. I emailed bnc3d and they said it could be some foreign matter in the way of the fan. If this was true, it would happen all the time I would think. I am perplexed. Thanks.

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