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    This forum seems quite inactive, so I’m wondering, did anybody succeeded in making a working moveo robot?

    I’ve just built mine a few weeks ago and found out that, unfortunately, the needs in terms of motors torque and reduction have been largely underestimated.

    I actually didn’t follow the recommendations of the BOM and selected much powerful motors, especially at the bottom, which turned out to be a wise choice (I wonder how it can perform with the recommended motors, unless you use the motors on full step mode with max current and very slow speed/acceleration)

    So first, before going into more details about how this could be improved, did any one succeeded in making a moveo?
    What do you think about its performance/power/speed?
    Did any of you tinkered his robot to improve its specs?

    Hope we can make this forum more alive and exchange idea and tips!


    Hi. I am about to buy the parts.
    The bottom motor consist of two
    Nema 23, 112mm, Ø8mm flat shaft SM57HT112-3004A, step 1,8º, 3A,28Kg·cm
    Even two 28Kg·cm at the bottom are too weak? I thought this motors are huge. What torgue you bought?
    I printed the Zortrax robotic arm. Even 6Kg·cm at the bottom is sufficient.
    By the way.
    There two parts that i cannot find.
    One is Nema 14 36mm -SM35HT36-1004A.
    The second one is:
    Selfoil bearings (cojinetes autolubricantes). 5mm x 8mm x 10mm. Where you found this one?
    I only found the second one:
    Selfoil bearings (cojinetes autolubricantes). 8mm x 12mm x 20mm


    Good morning,
    Here in bcn3d we have an operating MOVEO. You have to make sure that the drivers you are using are the TB6560 to power the motors with the appropriate amps. The tinny 3d printer drivers don’t give them enough amps.
    The stepper that drives the rotating base is supplied with 1.5 amps. The twins (large ones) run with 2.6 each. The upper motor (3rd joint) is supplied with 1.5 amperes. The wrist stepper also runs with 1.5. The last engine (the smallest) is fed with 1.2 amps.
    This way you will get strong movements from your Moveo!
    PD: This forum will be more active from now on. Sorry for the delay.


    1. Hi moderator. Thank you for making this project possible. The motor driver is TB6560 but why we are asked to but ramps1.4? I imagine that we connect mega controller to ramps1.4. Which then connect ramps1.4 to TB6560. But after searching the internet, i knew i was wrong. Please enlighten whats the ramps1.4 for. Is it only to control the servo motor?
    2. There is no information on the wiring at all even on the latest manual at github. Is there any website for reference on this matter?


    3. One more thing. The first axis motor initially is 60mm nema 17 stepper motor. But now the latest change to Stepper Motor SM42HT47-1684 1,8º step, 1,6 A, 3600 g·cm.
    This means now the first axis 3600 g·cm. is sufficient?

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