Weird fan noise in lower left electronics area

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    The Sigma starts up fine, starts printing fine. After printing sometimes 5 minutes, or even longer, I’m guessing a fan near the electronics board under the left filament reel, starts to make a loud, vibrating noise. The print still continues with no problem, no errors, but the noise is annoying. Why would the print start fine, no weird noises, then once into the print for a while, the vibrating noise starts? Is there a temperature control, where once the board heats up, a fan starts automatically? Is the fan blades near a component, and it may be rubbing? I’m guessing I’ll have to take off the blue plastic pieces and look inside, or maybe take off the underside of the machine to look? Any ideas on what I can do? Thank you.



    Hello Brian,
    It is possible that some foreign body is entered into the 24V power supply fan. The solution would be to remove the blue covers and try to remove the foreign body of the 24V power supply.If you try to do it, please, disconnect the machine from the electrical network.
    Technical Support BCN3D

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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