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What’s next…..SIGMA/SIGMAX 19 future upgrades

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    Hi, first of all i would like to thanks BCN3D for delivering a very nice product i’m very happy about.
    I would like to start this thread to share some ideas and find some supports from other sigma simax users about upgrades for our beloved printers:

    1. Closed loop steppers, i think it will greatly improve print quality especially but not only after pause/resumes
    2. 32 bit control board with wifi, as is in the new epsilo, i would love it
    3. Special nozzle and software non planar tool path to improve the surface finish (no steps in z on the surface)

    I would like to have some feedback from users and BCN.



    Really Nobody from BCN3d has something to say about this ?


    non planar printing really cool, but a bitch to slice,(collision detection, optimised paths, etc)

    32bit boards are nice but I have heard something about 8bit boards having less problems with buffering, especially when talking to a touch screen, I suppose it comes down to programming, like I say I have seen a delta run better on an 8 bit board, than with a 32 bit board with a screen

    closed loop steppers, don’t give any more positional accuracy, unless tied to a linear scale (optical or magnetic) they just tell if the motor has turned the right amount and thus detect collisions, which can already be detected by the tmc drivers which then could home the printer and try to recover.(programming again, this one they already have hardware installed, but probably not wired up.


    I would like to say something, but this is not my area of ​​expertise.


    @charleshewitt please have your say as this an open forum I believe and everyone’s ideas and viewpoints are valuable .

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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