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Why should I get a BCN3D Sigma?

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    I’ve read every post to this forum and haven’t found a reason to hold off from purchasing one of these marvels of modern technology. Everything I’ve seen thus far is very satisfying to my technical side. I’ve enjoyed the quality of the videos provided for maintenance and servicing the printer. If the manual is half as good, I’ll be happy with that too.

    I’d be purchasing from the dealer in California, currently with a sale price and free shipping, which is always a great feature for boxes of this size. I’m pretty much decided on the Matter Control Touch T10 accessory, or should I defer that purchase?

    Another option available on the site is a set of BuildTak plates. Those are pricey. Are they necessary? What is one using for bed adhesion for this printer? I found nothing in the forum regarding this aspect.

    This is the official forum for the Sigma, should I peruse other locations? Is there an online manual I can read? I have two working FFF/FDM printers currently, so I’m not completely ignorant about the technology (or the fun!) and it appears that the Sigma is going to become my favorite.

    Why should I not purchase one of these workhorse? For what reason would you bypass buying one and pick a different brand/model?


    I found the manual online. Great reading as expected.


    Hi Fred!
    Have you already seen the Sigma videos in YouTube:



    I might have watched some of the videos you’ve noted. This time, I’ve watched them all. Very enlightening. I have discovered also today a review from the 3d printing nerd. It appears that he objects to the noise level, which is a concern for me. I may have to create a sound isolation enclosure to make the best use of this printer. I expect that doing so would result in the inability to view the print as it progresses. This requires some additional thought.
    thank you for your response.

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