Z axis error, bent motor bracket, leadscrew aligment

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    Hi I bought a second hand sigma, with issues, the bed was colliding with the nozzle during bed leveling. This was resolved by lubrication of rails and correct tensioning of belt, not to mention straightening right top corner which had been moved by 5mm in transit.
    Anyway the collisions of be and nozzle has damaged leadscrew, which I’ve ordered from UK reseller jake3d, my issue is the mount on which the motor attaches, at present its functional but causes ribbing in the prints at 2mm heights, as the mount flexs up n down when moving the bed.
    So is there a way to buy a new mount or should I make another, I’m a bit shocked that the original has no adjustment built in to accommodate tolerances, like slots to allow repositioning or angle adjustment.
    Thank you fir any advice.

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