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    What’s il the Good size between the laser head and the matérial?



    we have some problem with the autofocus and we need to know the good distance between the laser head and material…
    thank you


    Hi Fablake,
    Sorry the delay in this reply, the notifications did not worked. Solved for now
    For an optimal autofocus, depends on the characteristics of your lens and its focal distance (FD), i almost sure that yours is 4 inches. So if you want to check it, you can follow this steps:

    Once you know the FD, you have to know we have to consider two dimensions, the theoretical (FDt) and the practical one (FDp).
    For set the optimal FD you have to set in your machine the FDt (4 inches), and then optimize setting it up and down for a few to set the FDp.
    To do that, you can do it following this steps:
    1. Put a piece of acrylic or plywood on your honeycomb
    2. Set 4 inches at config.txt
    3. Run autofocus function
    4. Run laser test (short time) or run a test file (as a small block)
    5. Move Z axis up (between .25 and 0.5mm)
    6. Run laser test (short time or run a test file (as a small block)
    7. Compare the spots or line wide dimensions*
    8. Repeat from 4 to 7 in down direction
    * If the spot or wide line is bigger than previous the optimal distance is further than actual.
    The optimal spot/line width should be as small as possible.
    At this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eg6THrEdleo you have a nice grafic explanation from “Make Stuff Now”
    In short we are goint to publish several “mini-manuals” talking about this kind of issues. Be aware! 😉

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